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The Evolution of Dental Implants

Several people find it surprising, but dental implants have been used for centuries. The earliest use of dental implants dates back to the 600th AD. However, with the passage of time, dental implants have evolved greatly.

If you're thinking of getting dental implants in Plano, Texas, you're going to experience a safe treatment with little discomfort. That said, this wasn't how the treatment always was!

Here's a look at the evolution of dental implants.

Primitive Approaches

4,000 years ago in China, bamboo pegs were carved to replace missing teeth. After they were carved, they were fit into the bone of the mouth to relieve pain. About 2,000 years later, the Egyptians started adopting a similar practice with a different execution. The Egyptians used precious metals that were fixed into the jawbone. Archeologists found several skulls that had teeth made from elephant tusks.

In 1931, Wilson Popenoe and his wife found the skull of a woman while they were visiting Honduras. This woman's lower jaw had three teeth replaced by shells. These shells were carefully shaped to mimic the shape of a tooth.

Thankfully, because of the advancements of technology, dental implants today have become a lot safer.

Continued Efforts

Back in the 18th century, dentists used to blend gold with other metals to create an alloy to be used for a dental implant. Even though these experiments proved to be massive failures years down the line, they opened doors to extensive research into dental implants.

To improve on their efforts dentists started experimenting with porcelain and silver. One doctor even used a porcelain implant with a platinum disc. But these experiments didn't amount to success since all of these materials were rejected by the human jawbone.

This trend carried on into the 1900s. Dentists continued to use several different materials, but none of them proved to be successful. It wasn't until two brothers, Dr. Moses and Alvin, used fixtures built from Vitallium, since hip implants are created from the same material. These fixtures proved to be long-lasting and the brothers are still credited as the first two humans to use a dental implant successfully.

Modern Dental Implants

Dental implants nowadays have an incredibly low failure rate. Now, you can find implants in different sizes and shapes to suit all kinds of teeth. The surfaces of these implants have been built to improve seamless integration.

They aren't smooth or straight. A dental implant has to be rough just so the attachment point could have an increased surface area. If you're getting dental implants in Plano, Texas from a dentist like Jung Dental Implants, you can expect a success rate of 98% and these implants will last for 10 years.

Wrapping Up

Dr. Jung has visited several countries around the world to lend his services. If you require a dental implant in Plano, Texas, you're in luck! A visit to Dr. Jung's clinic will restore your smile in no time!

To book an appointment, fill out a form, or call him today on 469-460-2000.

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