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Why A Dental Implant Is Worth All The Money

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Technician Creating Dental Implant With Rotary Grinder Tool
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rative dentistry has made the dreams of several dentists come true. Remember those older western movies in which the protagonist chugged a bottle of whiskey and then bit a bullet to get their tooth removed?


From rather “primitive” approaches to oral care – the evolution of dentistry has changed our lives for the better. From hammering pieces of shell into the jaws of Mayan women back in 600 AD, the process of getting a dental implant has become a lot more comfortable for the patient. Now, a simple restoration is attached to structures above the patient’s gum line and with some surface-support – you’re all set!

Their popularity knows no bounds either. There’s a plethora of advertisements that promote dental implants on the radio, television, newspapers, and let’s not forget those extremely intrusive ones on the internet. Across all of these platforms that hope to entice us into getting a dental implant – one factor remains common.

Dental implants have a premium price.

But even though they seem to be out of our wallet’s reach in the start, getting one becomes necessary with the passage of time. To put it simply – there’s a reason why dental implants cost a lot and when you get one, several of your problems go away.

But before we get busy understanding why they can be worth your money – it’s essential to know what a dental implant is.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is the closest thing you can get to a real tooth. When a dental implant is placed inside your jaw, the form a connection with the natural bone in your mouth. When an implant is placed inside your mouth, an artificially created tooth can be placed on top of the surface so the crown can stay in place.

After the tooth has been placed, a connector is put on top (abutment) to ensure that the crown does not move from the spot. However, because of advanced technology, that has made the job of dentists easy, crowns and implants have grown to become increasingly precise.

Expert dentists at Jung Dental Implant are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to go about the process a lot more easily. Dentists like such have made the decision of getting a dental implant a lot easier. That is why even though the prices of these implants have continued to increase, the number of people opting for this procedure has seen a rise, too.

Facts about Dental Implants

· A dental implant is the only oral restoration method that can help preserve the bone in your jaw. Not only does it emulate a healthy tooth – but it can also help stimulate the process of bone growth.

· The AAID – American Academy of Implant Dentistry was formed in 1951 by a group of dentists who had been successfully placing implants. They formed the academy to share their knowledge of implantology. With the creation of AAID, they became the first-ever founders of an institution that was dedicated to improving implant surgeries.

· It was P.I Branemark (a Swedish dental surgeon) who discovered that titanium can bond with the bone naturally. This happened in 1952, and after this ground-breaking discovery, he switched his focus towards the knee and the hips.

· As of now, 3 million people in America have a dental implant. Each year, this number increases by 500,000.

Why a Dental Implant is a Worthwhile Investment

Long-Term Savings

Even though an implant can cost more than other replacement options you can find, they can last for a lot longer than the alternatives. Because they are designed to be exactly like our natural teeth, they can last for years and sometimes decades if you know to take care of them.

Because an implant is a lot harder to remove than a natural tooth, the decaying of teeth is no longer a problem. Since deterioration won’t be a problem and your number of tooth replacements will go down drastically, you’ll end up saving more than the money you’ve invested.

Avoiding Future Problems

For some people, losing a tooth isn’t a big problem. Because of this reason, they never consider getting a dental implant and their ignorance of such a serious issue often leads to them having severe oral diseases. When you leave a gap in your mouth unfilled, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that adore warm and moist spots.

The teeth surrounding the gap can also get pushed into it, and this might disrupt your occlusion, which will then cause crowding. When you fill that empty spot with a dental implant, you save the empty spot from impurities

A Better Appearance

All of us look beautiful in ways we’re comfortable with, but if you have a chance to fix something – why shouldn’t you? Our facial structure and connective tissues need a dental implant to stay in place. However, when you lose a tooth, the skin surrounding the area of your tooth starts to get loose. Your cheeks can start to look hollow and you might start to look older prematurely.

Getting a dental implant will not only fill the area above your gum line, but it will also help protect your bone’s density.

Replacing Your Teeth is Essential

Apart from the bacteria that can crowd up in one spot when you’ve lost a tooth, an empty space in your jaw isn’t healthy for your self-confidence either. Apart from the several people who look at you and give you advice on your appearance – satisfying the person in the mirror can often be the hardest.

No matter how harsh other people are to us, the most ruthless critic is your brain itself. However, getting a dental implant can make you go easy on yourself.


Advancements in oral care have made the process of a dental implant easy and it is no longer as uncomfortable as it used to be. If you’re looking to get a state-of-the-art dental implant procedure to restore normalcy in your life, contact Jung Dental Implant Center to schedule an appointment.

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