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What Our Patients Are Saying

"In 2005, I had an implant installed (#13).  After about 15 years, I noticed that the crown was loose.  At the next regular dental evaluation, my local dentist confirmed that the crown was loose and suggested that the most likely cause was a loose abutment screw; the screw would need to be replaced.  During the discussion, my local dentist did not give me confidence that he had sufficient experience to make the repair.  As such, I decided that a specialist was needed for the repair.  I found Dr. Jung during a web review and at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  I contacted Dr. Jung's office and was able to get an immediate appointment.  After the evaluation, Dr. Jung told me that my existing crown would need to be removed to retrieve the loose abutment screw.  For the repair, Dr. Jung explained several options.  The best option was for Dr. Jung to design a two-piece screw and abutment compatible with the existing implant.  With the two-piece design, the crown could be removed without destruction giving access to the screw.  After repair, the "feel" and function of the new crown is great-just like a natural tooth.  During the evaluation and procedures, Dr. Jung and the staff were very helpful regarding all my questions including follow-up.  Summary: I highly recommend Dr. Jung for dental implant care and maintenance."

Charles G  -  10/12/2020

"I wanted a specialist for my implant, and Dr. Jung was the right one for it. He is more than qualified: he is board certified, he's one of the faculty of University of Michigan dental school. He had years of experience doing implants. I actually went to three (yes three! and called a couple more) dental offices to compare before I decided to go with Dr. Jung. and I'm glad that I made that choice. He is very knowledgeable with the implant and root canal procedure, and know all the up to date technologies. He gave me other good advice for dental care also.One thing to mention: while other dental offices allow multiple patients at the same time during the covid pandemic,  Jung's office actually did not allow this for safety concern. they have a pretty good procedure to make sure patients are protected. Very considerate and honest dentist. Price is fair. Would highly recommend."

Keri S  -  7/29/2020

"Dr. Jung saved the teeth he could and replaced the missing and weak teeth with crowns and implants. He did a bone graft using state of the art platelets from my own blood to make a solid base for the implant.  The work was painless, quick and professional. Dr. Jung has learned his profession on three continents and taught advanced dentistry on two continents. He will perform amazing work at competitive prices." 

Royce L  -  2/25/2020

"Dr. Jung and his staff were Great! Dr. Jung was patient.  He took his time and listened to my concerns.  I was impressed with the fact that I didn't feel any pain or discomfort during my procedure!! Dr. Jung and his staff did a Great job of educating,  and making sure you understood what was going throughout the procedure.My wife and I have been looking for a good dental practice since we moved here 2 years ago. My wife wanted to find a practice that could do Everything in the same location. We've found that with Dr. Jung!."K

Krishna W  -  1/30/2020

"I got my teeth cleaned here. Dr. Jung and all the staff are very professional and skilled. We all know it's not so easy to find a doctor with such an experience and knowledge. I am planning to have the chipped teeth treated soon as well! So excited to see the result!" 

Audrey C  - 12/2/2018

"I've been getting tooth extractions, cleanings, and received a crown from Jung Dental for the past few months now and I can say that my oral hygiene has vastly improved! Dr. Jung is highly efficient and knows his practice well. The staff is friendly and my smile has never been better. Highly recommend Jung Dental" 

Christian H  -  9/3/2018

"Awesome dentist, extremely friendly staff, very reasonable prices, clean modern facility.  Dr. David Jung provided multiple treatment options, explained each one in great detail, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend Dr. Jung!!" 

Des J  -  8/12/2018

"Jung Dental Implant Center of Plano provides the highest level of dental care and focuses on exceeding patient expectations!  I had an issue with a root canal that was done more than 10 years ago but Dr. Jung was able to quickly figure out the issue without going through unnecessary procedures. I trusted his diligent, professional approach and was able to save a lot of time and money. I was able to visit Dr. Jung without any fears or worries about my appointments. The entire staff was so welcoming and were genuinely concerned about providing the best care. You will not be disappointed by choosing
Jung Dental Implant Center of Plano." 

Kathy H  -  7/18/2018

"Best dentist visit I ever had. Doctor Jung and staff extremely friendly. Doctor Jung explained all the procedures and options before I decided the implant.

The implant procedure was fast and painless" 

Enrique Stuarto A  -  4/28/2018

"Excellent! I recently had to find a new dentist due to my insurance.  I have ongoing issues with needing teeth pulled and implants.  I had an abscess tooth and was dreading having to find a new dentist quickly. I was walking to work in pain and happen to walk past Dr. Jung's office.  He was sitting at the desk as I walked by and I thought, well this is fate and I just walked in.  He saw the issue immediately and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and I made an appointment to see him.  Its always hard to loose a tooth and go through a painful process to replace it so I was upset at his prognosis.  He was kind and understanding and professional.  The tooth was pulled and I am hoping the implant process goes as well.  I am blessed to have found him.  He is a wonderful Dr, and Im not an easy patient.  Highly recommend." 

Chris H  -  1/18/2018

"Simply the best dental experience I have ever had. While exploring my mouth to place an implants, Dr.Jung ,as he is fondly called,discovered major problems with the neighboring molar and the existence of a root remnant buried in my gum from a previous dentist. He performed a root canal and filled the cavity in no time. Highly professional and friendly customer service. The office is very clean and new. Highly recommend this location." 

Kelly O  - 1/17/2018

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