Procedures and Treatments

Jung Dental Implant Center of Plano Office helps patients to have the best services and treatments

Advanced Dental Implant & Prosthodontics Services

All-on- 4/5

Implant supported overdenture

SingleTooth Implant

Sinus bone graft

Bone Augmentation and Implant Placement 

IV(Intravenous) Conscious Sedation

L-PRF ( Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) Service

-Simple Holistic Procedure

-Latest Healing Technology

-No chemicals, foreign substance or addictives

-100% natural autogous graft

-FDA cleared medical device

-Simple and very economic procedure when compare to bone grafts

-L-PRF produces rapid healing especially during the critical first seven days after implant placement and bone graft

-Dental Implants, Bone defects, Tooth extraction sockets(Preventiion of Dry socket), Sinus augmentation and ridge augmentat

Digital Impression(Intraoral Scanning)

No impression material, High Accuracy, Fast & comfortable.