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Procedures and Treatments

Jung Dental Implant Center of Plano Office helps patients to have the best services and treatments

Advanced Dental Implant & Prosthodontics Services

All-on- 4/5

Implant supported overdenture

SingleTooth Implant

Sinus bone graft

Bone Augmentation and Implant Placement 

IV(Intravenous) Conscious Sedation

L-PRF ( Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) Service

-Simple Holistic Procedure

-Latest Healing Technology

-No chemicals, foreign substance or addictives

-100% natural autogous graft

-FDA cleared medical device

-Simple and very economic procedure when compare to bone grafts

-L-PRF produces rapid healing especially during the critical first seven days after implant placement and bone graft

-Dental Implants, Bone defects, Tooth extraction sockets(Preventiion of Dry socket), Sinus augmentation and ridge augmentat

Digital Impression(Intraoral Scanning)

No impression material, High Accuracy, Fast & comfortable.

Tiggle: Lingual Bracket System

You can have your teeth straightened without anyone noticing. That's because the device is attached to the inner surface of your tooth, allowing for orthodontic treatment while others do not notice."


Compared to similar devices, it is a high performance device that can give rapid movement of teeth and alignment quickly. In addition, since the size of the device is small and low-profile, there's hardly any feeling left in your mouth after using it for an extended period of time!


The benefits of the orthodontic device are endless!


Orthodontic treatment can be done by attaching a bracket to the tooth. There are many cases where orthodontics is needed for teeth that have grown too big and need attention before they cause more damage. Tiggles brackets are made with an unequaled small size designed specifically towards partial dental care (this means in front of your mouth).

Tiggle's Brackets: The Modern Approach To Partially Ortho Treatment


The 'Tiggle bracket' has been quickly gaining traction in Korean dental clinics. It is a great orthodontic choice for people who want to have both safety and clinical performance, which can be done through the use of this new product.

Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
Tiggle Lingual Bracket System
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