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Case Series

Esthetic Implant and Cosmetic Treatment Cases

Single tooth missing and replacing with a dental Implant

Extensive defect including bone, gum tissue, and teeth was restored utilizing autogenous bone graft and gum tissue graft, dental implant, ceramic abutment, and all-ceramic crowns. The patient was very happy with his bright teeth.

Complete Edentulous patient was restored using two Implants with Locator   attachments on the lower jaw. The patient’s denture can stay in the mouth during   meal time. Patient ‘s smile and chewing ability were restored.

Entire maxillary teeth were restored with Fixed type Implant supported  bridge.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implant and crowns.

Full mouth Rehabilitation (Full Crowns)

Removable Partial denture and complete denture with the dental Implants

Implant, ceramic abutment, and all ceramic crown recreated patient’s smile.

Dentures (Partial and complete denture) restored the patient’s smile.

The broken filling was replaced with tooth Color Pressable Onlay

Root exposure was covered utilizing gum tissue graft.

Trauma caused root fracture. Two missing teeth were restored with two immediate Implants.

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