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Advice from an Implant Surgeon: The Disadvantages of Dentures over Implants

Advice from an Implant Surgeon: The Disadvantages of Dentures over Implants

Dentures are an interesting phenomenon. Whether we lose our teeth naturally in old age, or due to blunt trauma, our natural response is to try and find a way around the obstacles of tooth loss. It's a testament to how we persevere in spite of adversity. However, when we find a better way tool or method for getting something done, we adopt it. Or at least that is the plan. There are people who get dental implants in Plano, Texas while others get dentures. There are plenty of reasons why people use an older cheaper option for a solution to a problem. But just how well do dentures stack up against dental implants? It is a viable alternative?

How Dentures Work

Dentures are sets of false teeth that one person can overlay on top of either the top or bottom of the gum line to replace the missing group of teeth. Some of them are partial, others can take over an entire arch depending on how they are made. Some people get them custom fitted while others buy them from someone who mass produces them via a simple template. The purpose is to both at least serve as functional teeth, while at the same time at least making it harder for others to see that teeth are missing.

They have been around since the 7th century BCE, and have served this purpose for the Etruscans while China was still utilizing their own method of bamboo dental implants. The Etruscans used animal teeth bonded with gold to overlay their own missing teeth, so they were able to chew, with varying degrees of success.

Since then, multiple civilizations improved on the design with various materials and techniques. Also, with varying degrees of success. Even in the history of Early America, there is a record of our first president's struggle with tooth loss and dentures for a good portion of his life. In fact, George Washington owned 4 sets, all of which were either a creation of ivory or other human teeth.

Still, technology marches on and today, we don't use ivory or gold anymore. Dentures these days is acrylic made through various casting methods. Some dentures are custom, others are a byproduct of mass production.

Disadvantages of Dentures Today

However, how much do they hold water? Is there a need for dentures when we have better implantation technology that is more permanent? Do dentures work today? While there is still a place for dentures as a general rule of thumb, it should take a back seat to implantation technology. It sounds not so surprising coming from a dental implant surgeon in Plano, Texas. Of course, we would say it to drum up more business, right?

However, a lot of the reasons I am listing here are not is obscure or drummed up as most cynicism would have you believe. In fact, a lot of these are common complaints of people who have dentures in general.

For Starters:

They Are Hard to Chew With

The bite force of someone with dentures is way less compared to natural teeth or implants. In fact, 30% of denture wearers can only eat mashed or softened foods.More of them have given up eating all the favorite foods they loved, and wind up not getting enough fiber, which is an essential part of a balanced diet.

They Need Regular Maintenance

On top of your regular teeth, your dentures will need regular cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria which can cause infections and disease.

They Can be Ill-Fitting and Will Always Need Replacement

Cheap and ill-fitting dentures are going to move around in the mouth when you are chewing or talking, making the tasks that much harder. The only thing that holds dentures in place is temporary adhesive and a prayer. They can fall out if the adhesive gets weak inside your mouth."Once a tooth is extracted, the bone starts to recede. Your gums start to recede as well and lay flatter and flatter. Dentures are made to fit your gums as they are the day they are made. While they initially will fit well, as time passes traditional dentures will begin to progressively fit looser. They will get less tight to your gums as your bone and gums recede and flatten out."

Dental implants are less likely to need extra maintenance, fall out, or decrease your chances of eating or talking normally. This is the main reason that we endorse them as implant surgeons in Plano, Texas.

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