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Things to Consider Before You Get a Dental Implant in Plano TX

Whether we like to admit it or not, beauty does play a role in our first appearance. Whether it’s your smile or personality, the people eager to create the first impression about you tend to over-analyze everything.

Wanting to create a memorable first impression while missing a tooth from your smile can tarnish your self-confidence. Not only will physical interactions make you increasingly self-conscious, but chewing food will become a problem, too. Getting a dental implant can bring back the little joys with these simple day-to-day activities.

But should you rush to get a dental implant?

Before you decide to get one, there are a few things you should consider. Listed below are some of the factors you need to take into consideration before getting a dental implant in Plano TX.

1. The Expertise of the Dentist

The dentist you’re trusting with your implant must have enough experience under their belt. Before you get an appointment with the dentist, check out their website for customer reviews, and learn about their previous experiences. If you let an inexperienced dentist handle something as delicate as a dental implant, you’ll have a lot more problems to worry about.

If possible, ask them how many implants they’ve done in their career. Getting an exact number might not be possible, but you’ll know when a dentist is experienced this way.

2. Longevity

No implant has a guaranteed time-span. Several factors influence how long your implant will last. From the material the dentist uses to create the implant to how you take care of your teeth – all factors come into play. Usually, most implants can last for up to 13 years. Knowing how long an implant will last can affect your decision, too.

If you take good care of your teeth, your dental implant can last for even longer!

3. Cost

Dental treatments can be expensive. Even though an increasing number of people have started getting a dental implant over the years, their cost still remains high for many people. They are a good investment in your appearance, which is why their cost does not make that much of a difference. However, there are a few ways the cost can go up depending on the material you decide to use for your implant.

Usually, a dental implant in Plano TX can cost somewhere between $2,000 - $10,000. Before you get an implant, talk about the potential cost of your procedure with the dentist.

4. Understand Post Treatment

Before you decide that you’ve finally made up your mind about the dental procedure, ask your dentist what post-treatment will look like. When you’ve got your implant, you’re going to have to follow the instructions the dentist gives you to the bone. Make sure you understand the post-treatment carefully because mishaps can still happen!


An implant can be a life-changing decision. Make sure you take every factor into consideration before getting a dental implant. Do thorough research on the type, costs, and benefits of the procedure, so you can come out smiling with perfect teeth! Check out the best dental implants in Plano TX!

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