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Invisalign's New Software - ClinCheck

There are a lot of teeth to work with across the globe, let alone the United States. That is why companies are working hard to give everyone a healthy and happy smile. That usually means coming up with brand new ways to make things easier for both dentists and patients. That includes us here at Austin, Tx. And the latest buzz around the dental community is that Invisalign is still working tirelessly to make things better.

As of February 20th, Invisalign announced and released its latest software for getting pictures of your teeth, ClinCheck.

What is ClinCheck and Why is it Important to Invisalign?

Before a pair of prosthetics or braces are fitted onto your teeth for treatment, we need to get a model for the inside of your mouth to work with. This way we can measure out all the nooks and crannies as well as always learning to apply pressure to the right areas on the tooth. That way your teeth will shift in the right direction and everything will fall into place.

However, this can be a process with some guesswork and obscurity involved. That is why dentists and dental companies, like Invisalign, work tirelessly to get more accurate information to work with. That is where ClinCheck comes in.

ClinCheckis a 3D imaging software that maps out the image of both your upper and lower teeth. The map, as of the release date, will be powered by a combination of 8 million dental programs. From there, an algorithm combined with the data that your dentist will put in will help calculate your treatment options.

According to Dr. Chiann Gibson, DMD, it is a moving experience. "Sharing my treatment plan vision within an actual image of the patient’s face is a powerful, emotional moment, unlike any I have experienced chairside. This is truly a superior digital treatment planning experience for both me and my patients.”

What are the Plans for Invisalign's New Software?

According to Aligntech, the company that is responsible for the software and Invisalign, they have a strategy for introducing it to dental offices in both Europe and the United States.

"The ClinCheck In-Face Visualization tool is currently available to doctors using the Invisalign Go system in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It will be available to doctors using the Invisalign Go system in the United States and Canada on March 9th, 2020.

Attendees at the 155th Chicago Midwinter Meeting, February 20 - 22 are invited to visit the Align booth # 4430 to demo the visualization tool."

It remains to be seen if this will bolster dental services but investorsare already clamoring with anticipation. Personally, I am optimistic about the future of Invisalign, and the growing technology behind it.

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider in Austin, Texas with a relaxed environment visit Dr. Eslami at Downtown Dental Design. If you have any questions, you can visit the website at

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Aayushi Jain
Aayushi Jain
May 04, 2020

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