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Here's Why You Shouldn't Stall Getting a Dental Implant

When a person loses a tooth or several teeth at once, it’s best they get the gap covered up as soon as possible. In a situation like this, dental implants in Plano, Texas are the best option one can have. Even though dental implants won’t immediately take the problem away, they are the perfect choice for a person’s long-term health.

And of course, people do change their mind later, but this can make the dental implantation procedure even more challenging. To ensure you have a natural-looking smile and your oral health stays in tip-top shape, we recommend you start the dental implant procedure in Plano, Texas ASAP.

Don’t agree with us?

Here are a few reasons why we think so.

PreMature Aging

Losing teeth can be hard and shocking enough as it is. But most patients don’t realize that when they lose teeth, it can have long-term impacts on their body’s overall health. It starts to affect their overall appearance and the stability of their immune system.

When you lose a tooth, not only do you have an absurd hole in your smile, but your jawbone becomes disoriented too. When there’s nothing to fill the gap, the teeth left in your mouth start to shift out of place, which weakens your jawbone. As your jawbone starts to weaken, this causes your cheeks to hollow and your jawline starts to have a sunken appearance.

On the outside, you’ll start to experience the effects of premature aging, such as wrinkling around your cheeks and your mouth.

Preventing Bone Loss

Once the tooth has been removed from your mouth, the weakening of your jawbone can start to cause bone loss. That’s because now that your jawbone is no longer receiving stimulation when you bite or chew with it, your brain deems it useless. This process sends a signal to your brain that your jawbone is no longer needed and that’s when your bone cells stop regenerating.

This also means that you lose the roots of your tooth after it has been extracted, which causes your jaw bone to deteriorate further. When you have artificial tooth roots in your mouth, they can prevent bone loss.

Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

In terms of the health-related risks, research is actively being done to understand whether bacteria from our mouth can cause issues in the lung, heart or other functions in our body. As of now, research strongly suggests that patients who have lost teeth or have existing gum disease can have an increased risk of respiratory problems or cardiovascular disease. This combination of untreated oral diseases and teeth loss can adversely impact your body.

Restoring Alignment

Your bite can also get out of alignment when you lose teeth. This starts to happen when your natural teeth start to move towards the gap that has been left by the teeth that were extracted. Not only can this cause issues with speaking, but it can also make it harder for you to clean your teeth.


Losing a tooth can be a painfully annoying process since, apart from the health-related concerns, you have to change your lifestyle holistically for a missing tooth. That’s why you should consider getting dental implants in Plano, Texas as soon as there’s a need. Call Jung Dental Implant Center by dialling 469 469 2000, or click here to know how you can benefit from a dental implant.

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